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    Boss Orange BO0180


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    DKNY 4577


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    DKNY 4583


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    DKNY 4618


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    Dream Himax 5003


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    Ralph Lauren 5025


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    Ralph Lauren 5036


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    Ralph Lauren 5058B


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    Ralph Lauren 5067


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    DKNY 5575

    5575 Black & Almond - 1111

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    DKNY 5575 Black & Almond - 1111


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    DKNY 5629


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    Ralph Lauren 6025


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    Ralph Lauren 6050


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    Ralph Lauren 6070


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    RayBan 7039


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    Dream Himax 8541


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    Dream Himax 8560


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    Dream Himax 8562


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    Dream Himax 8569


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    Dream Himax 8586


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    Dream Himax 9273


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    Dream Himax 9273


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    Dream Himax 99042


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    Kate Spade Agneta 01H6


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    Kate Spade Ambrosette JUV-52-17


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    Kate Spade Blakely

    Clubmaster 5154

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    RayBan Clubmaster 5154

    DH 99042

    $ 99
    Dream Himax DH 99042 has an incredible selection of womens gaming glasses and womens computer glasses. Our range features the top brands in fashion, and the most innovative designs built specifically to battle the harsh effects of spending long hours in front of the computer screen.


    LCD computer screens emit artificial, high-energy blue light that our eyes are simply not designed to work with. In recent years, the effects of digital eyestrain have become an increasingly crucial and pertinent issue. Almost 70% of adults in North America are impacted by Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). The need for eyewear designed specifically to relax and defend your eyes from these harsh conditions has become fully apparent, which is why we are so proud to offer a huge selection of womens gaming glasses at  If you spend hours in front of a screen, you’ve most likely experienced some of the common and most evident symptoms of CVS: headaches, dry eyes, blurred vision, and eyestrain, but what many people don’t realise is that the effects go far deeper. Overexposure to computer screens can cause strain on your back, your neck, your circadian rhythms, your serotonin levels and your overall health. These are all important issues that you should never take lightly, and womens computer glasses are the only way to avoid major damage to your vision and general health without stepping away from the screen.




    One of the major causes of eyestrain is the fact that when you use the computer, your eyes are focusing on an unfamiliar zone. When you’re driving, you’re engaging with distance vision. When you’re reading, you are engaged with near vision. Your computer, generally placed about 20-26 inches from your eyes, falls between these zones, in what is known as an intermediate zone. Our womens computer glasses target this range, which is often not accomplished by reading or distance lenses.


    You may be wondering how eyestrain can lead to neck and back problems. When you’re trying to focus on these intermediate zones, you often find yourself leaning towards the computer. This of course causes significant strain on your neck and back, especially when you’re in front of the computer for long periods of time. Our women’s computer glasses are built to solve this problem. As the lenses target this unfamiliar zone, you’ll find that your posture is strengthened, and you’ll be able to concentrate on what’s on screen without putting pressure on your body.




    You may notice that a lot of women’s gaming eyewear uses a slight tint. This is employed to increase the contrast on the screen and filter out the harsh artificial blue light caused by LCD screens, reducing headaches and strain enormously.


    A common feature found in our women’s gaming glasses is special Anti-Reflective (AR) coating. Glare from the computer screen is one of the major causes of eyestrain, and AR coating is designed to reduce this. Another great feature of this coating is that it is waterproof, scratchproof, and dust resistant. We offer two customizable options for anti-reflective lenses in our line of womens gaming glasses; Blue Reflect Blue Blocker and Green Reflect Blue Blocker.




    Similar to how your skin needs sunscreen to block UVA & UVB during the summer months, your eyes require protection from the blue UV light that digital screens produce.  Our Blue Blocker lenses filter the harmful blue light rays that every digital screen gives off, relieving unnecessary strain on your eyes. This is good for gamers, developers, graphic designers, and anyone who requires the use of a computer screen on a regular basis. Blue blocker technology reduces eye strain, dry eyes, blurred vision, headaches, increases contrast and overall is a much healthier option for your eyes. If you wear Blue Blocker lenses, you will greatly reduce your chances of developing Macular Degeneration; a common old age eye disease that leads to blindness. Best of all, Blue light lenses have a trendy, chic appeal to them, as opposed to their outdated counterpart; the ugly yellow gaming lenses Gunnar makes.




    We offer two customizable options with our womens computer glasses; Zoom or No Zoom. Zoom provides a slight 10% magnification to make objects appear larger on your computer screen. This is especially important when it comes time to focus on the finer details of graphic designing, online proof reading, adding that extra pair of shoes to your shopping cart, and of course, gaming!




    61% of adults spend 5+ hours per day on digital devices

    60% of adults report symptoms of digital eye strain.

    26% of children use digital devices for 3+ hours per day. Children have an undeveloped shield against UV light emitted from digital screens or the sun. It’s extremely important we protect our children's eyes from this UV exposure as digital devices are increasingly becoming impossible to be without.


    These lenses filter and block blue light, provide 100% UV protection, and increase contrast allowing you to see your devices more clearly. Already wear contacts or corrective lenses? No problem! Customize our womens gaming& computer glasses to match your own eyeglass prescription. Also available in thin lenses.


    While they’re incredibly light, women’s computer glasses are built to be strong and durable. They’re extremely comfortable and have a close fit that wraps securely around the face to provide reliable, optimal vision.




    Womens gaming glasses are not just for those who require eyeglasses – they can, and should be worn by absolutely anyone who spends a lot of time in front of a screen. You may think you have the strongest, healthiest vision, and you very well may, but regardless you will undoubtedly benefit from our women’s computer glasses. At the same time, women’s gaming glasses can be customized for prescription lenses, while still using the extraordinary technology designed to combat computer overexposure.


    Our womens computer glasses are not only built for gamers, they are able to assist you through a number of tasks. They have been known to help graphic designers, video editors, IT workers, and many others whose jobs require a lot of attention to detail or display a lot of colors and moving objects. Many office workers who spend all day in front of the computer have found that using gaming glasses has been extremely beneficial. Once you eliminate the harm caused on your vision, you’ll find that you will be able to work far more productively. On top of this, women’s computer eyeglasses aren’t just helpful in digital environments – they’re also extremely useful for those who spend a lot of time outdoors exposed to harsh UV rays. The AR coating of womens gaming eyewear provides great defence, meaning they can even be used as sunglasses.




    When it comes to gaming, womens computer eyeglasses will give you an edge over any opponent who doesn’t wear them. You will be able to view images much larger, and have a much clearer view of what’s happening on screen meaning you’ll be able to respond much quicker than other players. Our women’s gaming eyewear reduces eyestrain and prevents headaches, meaning your focus is strengthened giving you a distinct advantage. Womens gaming eyewear keeps items and images perfectly in focus while maintaining the largest field of view.


    If you’re a keen gamer, you know that it can be extremely easy to get lost in the game, leaving you playing for hours on end without any break. Womens computer glasses give you the opportunity to play for long periods without facing any strain or discomfort. The close fit puts you right in the zone, creating an immersive feeling that enhances the experience no matter how long you’re playing.




    Our range of womens gaming glasses showcases designs from some of the leading names in fashion and eyewear, including:


    -        Boss

    -        DKNY

    -        Burberry

    -        Jimmy Choo

    -        Kate Spade

    -        Ralph Lauren

    -        Ray Ban

    -        Swarvoski

    -        Tom Ford

    -        Versace

    -        Prada


    These are just some of the amazing brands whose womens computer glasses we have on offer. You may think that while every pair of computer glasses is beneficial towards your health, they often aren’t as stylish as you’d hope. This is not at all the case with our range; our womens gaming glasses are as versatile and functional as they are fashionable. These brands epitomize perfection in style. You know that when you choose from our selection of womens gaming glasses you aren’t just getting a pair that optimizes your vision, but one that defines prestige.




    Chances are if you’re used to spending long hours at the computer, you’re also used to experiencing many signs of Computer Vision Syndrome. Whether it’s for work or play, it can be very hard – seemingly impossible – to get away from the screen at times, but this doesn’t mean your eyes need to suffer. Women’s computer glasses are built to combat the damage computer screens do to your eyes, and your general health. They allow you to spend hours in front of the screen without any worry. As we learn more about digital eyestrain, it is important to get ahead to take control of how we look after our vision. Womens gaming glasses are one of the few trusted solutions to these issues. At, we are proud to offer a fantastic range of womens computer eyeglasses from the very best brands, promising a comfortable, optimal optical experience every minute you’re in front of the screen. 

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