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    VE4303 Violet Gradient Brown Havana Trasp Fantasy Vio

    $ 273 $ 425
    VE4303 Violet Gradient Brown Havana Trasp Fantasy Vio VE430351616858

    VE4303A Gray Gradient Black

    $ 273 $ 425
    VE4303A Gray Gradient Black VE4303AGB1/1158

    VE4304 Brown Gradient Havana

    $ 273 $ 425
    VE4304 Brown Gradient Havana VE430451191357

    VE4305Q Gray Gradient Black

    $ 317 $ 494
    VE4305Q Gray Gradient Black VE4305QGB1/1154

    VE4305Q Light Brown Mirror Gold Black

    $ 317 $ 494
    VE4305Q Light Brown Mirror Gold Black VE4305QGB1/5A54

    VE4305Q Polar Grey Gradient Black

    $ 365 $ 569
    VE4305Q Polar Grey Gradient Black VE4305QGB1/T354

    VE4305QA Gray Gradient Black

    $ 317 $ 494
    VE4305QA Gray Gradient Black VE4305QAGB1/1154

    VE4305QA Light Brown Mirror Gold Black

    $ 317 $ 494
    VE4305QA Light Brown Mirror Gold Black VE4305QAGB1/5A54

    VE4306Q Gray Gradient Black

    $ 317 $ 494
    VE4306Q Gray Gradient Black VE4306QGB1/1156

    VE4308B Brown Gradient Havana

    $ 376 $ 587
    VE4308B Brown Gradient Havana VE4308B108/1354

    VE4309BA Gray Gradient Black

    $ 317 $ 494
    VE4309BA Gray Gradient Black VE4309BAGB1/1157

    VE4310 Grey Gradient Violet

    $ 258 $ 402
    VE4310 Grey Gradient Violet VE431051688G55

    VE4311 Grey Gradient Blue

    $ 258 $ 402
    VE4311 Grey Gradient Blue VE431151688G56

    VE4312 Brown Havana Rubber

    $ 273 $ 425
    VE4312 Brown Havana Rubber VE431251747360

    VE4313 Brown Gradient Brown/Beige

    $ 287 $ 448
    VE4313 Brown Gradient Brown/Beige VE431351781357

    VE4313A Grey Gradient Havana/Black

    $ 287 $ 448
    VE4313A Grey Gradient Havana/Black VE4313A51801157

    Browse a variety of Tom Ford glasses from the comforts of home, with

    Founded in 2005, Tom Ford pulls from his extensive background in the fashion world when designing his line of stylish eyeglasses.  Tom Ford has quickly risen to become a staple in the industry, with their products being sold worldwide both as luxury items in shop-in-shops, as well as here, online.

    Lightweight materials make eyeglasses by Tom Ford ideal for both work and play.  Fashion forward thinking allows them to blend seamlessly into any  wardrobe, making them a must have accessory.  Choose from a variety of styles, such as wayfarer, rectangle and aviator, and instantly add distinction to your resume.  A perfect blend of function and design, Tom Ford eyeglasses are here to stay.

    It's all about the company you keep.  Tom Ford glasses and beauty collections have been added to several high profile wardrobes in recent years. Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, Tom Hanks and Jonny Depp have all made the switch.  Even the timeless Hollywood character James Bond, most recently portrayed by the ageless Daniel Craig, has added Tom Ford to his fashion checklist. Walk among the stars with your own pair of Tom Ford eyeglasses today, conveniently found here, at

    Select your next pair of glasses by Tom Ford from our online inventory, and take advantage of our savings package.  Receive your lenses at no addition charge, and have your order shipped for free to any Canadian Postal address!

    For a style that is definitively you, there are glasses by Tom Ford.  Make the switch, and experience firsthand what distinction feels like.


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