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    Roberto Cavalli

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    JC0458 Red/ black

    211.64 330.16
    JC0458 Red/ black 664689540914

    JC0519 Havana/White/Crystal

    191.62 298.93
    JC0519 Havana/White/Crystal 664689590391

    JC0601 Shiny black

    211.64 330.16
    JC0601 Shiny black 664689613267

    JC0609 Havana

    211.64 330.16
    JC0609 Havana 664689613618

    JC0610 Black

    211.64 330.16
    JC0610 Black 664689613656

    JC0614 Shiny Black

    191.62 298.93
    JC0614 Shiny Black 664689613816

    JC0616 Shiny Black

    177.32 276.62
    JC0616 Shiny Black 664689626816

    JC0625 Havana/Other

    211.64 330.16
    JC0625 Havana/Other 664689627196

    JC0626 Matte Black

    211.64 330.16
    JC0626 Matte Black 664689627219

    JC0685 Dark Havana

    177.32 276.62
    JC0685 Dark Havana 664689679973

    JC0688 Havana/Other

    191.62 298.93
    JC0688 Havana/Other 664689678921

    JC0690 Violet/Other

    191.62 298.93
    JC0690 Violet/Other 664689679010

    JC0695 Shiny Black

    211.64 330.16
    JC0695 Shiny Black 664689679270

    JC0697 Havana/Other

    191.62 298.93
    JC0697 Havana/Other 664689679362

    JC0704 Shiny Black

    191.62 298.93
    JC0704 Shiny Black 664689679843

    JC0709 Violet/Other

    191.62 298.93
    JC0709 Violet/Other 664689687084

    JC0711 Violet/Other

    211.64 330.16
    JC0711 Violet/Other 664689687473

    JC0712 Blonde Havana

    197.34 307.85
    JC0712 Blonde Havana 664689687190

    JC0716 Dark Green/Other

    191.62 298.93
    JC0716 Dark Green/Other 664689736454

    JC0746 Shiny Black

    211.64 330.16
    JC0746 Shiny Black 664689776153

    JC0746 Shiny Black

    211.64 330.16
    JC0746 Shiny Black 664689776177

    JC0747 Blonde Havana

    211.64 330.16
    JC0747 Blonde Havana 664689776191

    JC0748 Light Brown/Other

    191.62 298.93
    JC0748 Light Brown/Other 664689776221

    JC0749 Light Brown/Other

    191.62 298.93
    JC0749 Light Brown/Other 664689776269

    JC0754 Havana/Other

    191.62 298.93
    JC0754 Havana/Other 664689778423

    JC0754 Havana/Other

    191.62 298.93
    JC0754 Havana/Other 664689778430

    JC0755 Havana/Other

    191.62 298.93
    JC0755 Havana/Other 664689778478

    JC649S Bordeaux Mirror Shiny Black

    208.78 325.70
    JC649S Bordeaux Mirror Shiny Black 664689644759

    Born out of a passion for the very best in materials and design, Roberto Cavalli sunglasses are sold in exclusive shops worldwide.  From the catwalks of New York, Milan and Paris, to the streets of Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver, sunglasses by Roberto Cavalli are in demand by fashionistas who recognize superb quality and design.

    Roberto Cavalli shades reflect this renowned designer’s passion for beauty and functionality.  Shades by Roberto Cavalli offer the perfect marriage of colours, textures, new materials and technologies.

    If your personal style weds innovation to audacity, then Roberto Cavalli sunglasses are the line of shades for you.  Aristocratic shapes, precious materials, animal prints and themes are all embraced in a range of exotic sunglasses by Roberto Cavalli sold only in the upper echelon on shops in the fashion hubs of the world.

    No matter what your preference, Roberto Cavalli has a shape to flatter your face and turn heads on the street.  Roberto Cavalli shades offer you an extensive range of styles…..aviator, round, cat eye, sports or oversize…you’ll find a shape and model to match your mood and style, and make you feel like a million.

    Cavalli fashions have been world leaders for over 50 years.  With some of the best designers in the business and a reputation respected from Johannesburg to Paris, from Rio to Tehran shades by Roberto Cavalli meld the luxuries of the past with a contemporary fashion sense.

    You can be confident when you’re wearing any product bearing the Roberto Cavalli name that you’re walking with one of the leading fashion houses in the world. So if it’s sunglasses you need, Roberto Cavalli has a pair that you can trust for exclusive styling and appeal.

    Roberto Cavalli

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