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    Airdrop OX8046-0153

    $ 205 $ 235
    Oakley Airdrop OX8046-0153

    Carbon Plate OX5079-0253

    $ 425 $ 442
    Oakley Carbon Plate OX5079-0253

    Carbon Shift OO9302-03

    $ 435 $ 522
    Oakley Carbon Shift OO9302-03

    Catalyst OX8046-0153

    $ 222
    Oakley Catalyst OX8046-0153

    Chamfer OX8039-0349

    $ 200 $ 234
    Oakley Chamfer OX8039-0349

    Coin OX5071-0154

    $ 330 $ 353
    Oakley Coin OX5071-0154

    Conductor 6 OO4106-03

    $ 305 $ 366
    Oakley Conductor 6 OO4106-03

    Crankshaft OO9239-06

    $ 215 $ 258
    Oakley Crankshaft OO9239-06

    Crosshair Titanium OO6014-02

    $ 305 $ 366
    Oakley Crosshair Titanium OO6014-02

    Crosslink OX8030-0855

    $ 255 $ 286
    Oakley Crosslink OX8030-0855

    Flak 2.0 OO9188-08

    $ 245 $ 294
    Oakley Flak 2.0 OO9188-08

    Frame OX1066 Clear Black Brick

    $ 194 $ 303
    OX1066 Clear Black Brick OX106610660451

    Frame OX1066 Clear Black Brick

    $ 194 $ 303
    OX1066 Clear Black Brick OX106610660453

    Frame OX1066 Clear Black Brick

    $ 194 $ 303
    OX1066 Clear Black Brick OX106610660457

    Frame OX1089 Clear Jet Black

    $ 229 $ 357
    OX1089 Clear Jet Black OX108910890153

    Frame OX1091 Clear Moonlight

    $ 183 $ 286
    OX1091 Clear Moonlight OX109110910952

    Frame OX1112 Clear Black

    $ 217 $ 339
    OX1112 Clear Black OX111211120653

    Frame OX1129 Clear Polished Black

    $ 194 $ 303
    OX1129 Clear Polished Black OX112911290152

    Frame OX1130 Clear Black

    $ 194 $ 303
    OX1130 Clear Black OX113011300152

    Frame OX1131 Clear Banded Black

    $ 194 $ 303
    OX1131 Clear Banded Black OX113111310352

    Frame OX1135 Clear Black Fade

    $ 194 $ 303
    OX1135 Clear Black Fade OX113511350152

    Frame OX3102 Clear Polished Brown

    $ 240 $ 375
    OX3102 Clear Polished Brown OX310231020254

    Frame OX3111 Clear Satin Black

    $ 240 $ 375
    OX3111 Clear Satin Black OX311131110252

    Frame OX3111 Clear Satin Black

    $ 240 $ 375
    OX3111 Clear Satin Black OX311131110254

    Frame OX3112 Clear Polished Black

    $ 217 $ 339
    OX3112 Clear Polished Black OX311231120151

    Frame OX3112 Clear Polished Black

    $ 217 $ 339
    OX3112 Clear Polished Black OX311231120153

    Frame OX3119 Clear Brushed Chrome

    $ 217 $ 339
    OX3119 Clear Brushed Chrome OX311931190455

    Frame OX3122 Clear Polished Black

    $ 297 $ 464
    OX3122 Clear Polished Black OX312231220153

    Frame OX3122 Clear Polished Black

    $ 297 $ 464
    OX3122 Clear Polished Black OX312231220155

    Frame OX3125 Clear Pewter

    $ 275 $ 428
    OX3125 Clear Pewter OX312531250853 is proud to offer a huge range of iconic Oakley glasses. Since 1975, Oakley

    have developed and manufactured optical frames and sunglasses that are ideal for sports

    performance and define your look and lifestyle. Through our range of Oakley sunglasses and

    optical frames you are guaranteed to find a look that brings you comfort and confidence, along

    with the very best engineering and cutting-edge design. When you choose Oakley glasses,

    you're choosing quality, and a trusted eyewear brand with worldwide prestige.



    Oakley glasses have been tried and tested in the most extreme conditions, and have become

    known as the very best choice in high-performance environments. A testament to their

    durability, Oakley shades are the chosen eye protection for U.S. military and law enforcement.

    Oakley’s M Frame sunglasses have been named in the U.S. Army’s Authorized Protective

    Eyewear List (APEL). If dependability is high on your list of must-haves when searching for

    glasses, Oakley is your answer. They provide the most protective, durable, and functional

    frames you can find.



    Oakley frames are developed with true craftsmanship and built to keep you comfortable and

    fashionable while maintaining your active lifestyle. The construction of Oakley glasses reflects

    the brand’s pursuit of innovation and trailblazing technology, and this is perhaps most apparent

    through the development of Oakley’s signature O Matter™ material. O Matter™ is a durable

    performance material build for active wearers who require sturdiness and resilience. These

    frames provide complete comfort and resistance against impact through its controlled

    flexibility. Acetate frames tend to deform over time, but Oakley glasses constructed with O

    Matter™ materials are twice as strong, and just happen to be 25% lighter at the same time!


    While not every frame of Oakley shades uses O Matter™, you can trust that every pair is built

    with premium materials that assure comfort, protection and strong performance. From ultra-

    lightweight titanium to carbon fiber, the premium materials used in optical glasses Oakley has

    engineered are the very best. Many Oakley frames use an injection molding process that allows

    for intricate and innovative sculptural detailing. The lightness of the frames is enhanced using

    thin cross sections made possible by the durability of the materials used with each model.

    Oakley frames use components made from Unobtainium®, which strengthens grip under

    moisture, and comfortably prevents the frame from slipping. Oakley glasses are built with a

    unique Three-Point Fit. This means that your frame only makes contact at the bridge of the

    nose and behind the temples, creating a comfortable fit that keeps the lenses aligned correctly,

    optimizing your vision under any condition. Hollowpoint™ hinges are an innovative technology

    developed from Oakley’s ingenious an inventive engineering. Inspired by the construction of

    hubless motorcycle wheels, Hollowpoint™ hinges are built for complete, unmatchable

    functionality. Many frames designed by Oakley have been built with interchangeable

    components, allowing you to adapt to your environment and adjust your style without losing

    the incredible quality of glasses Oakley promises.



    Through our massive range of Oakley glasses, you are sure to find the optical frames that speak

    to your own unique personality. The Oakley collection, including Milestone, Crosslink, Splinter,

    Reversal, Nine to Five, and Impulsive, offers a huge variety of looks to suit your style, all built

    with the same trendsetting technology.


    One of the Oakley models offered by is the unique and cool Chamfer™

    model. Chamfer™ showcases all of the incredible qualities that you can only find in Oakley

    eyewear; the Hollowpoint™ hinges, the Unobtainium® earsocks, the Three-Point Fit and the

    light and durable O Matter™ material. The rectangular lenses are incredibly versatile and suit

    almost every face shape. These are an immaculate pair of glasses that can be worn in absolutely

    any environment, from a high-performance sports game to a high-class night out. The

    Chamfer™ frame is modern, comfortable and full of character. Chamfer™ frames are available

    in a variety of colour combinations allowing you to fully personalise your look.


    The Oakley Carbon Plate™ frame is sophisticated, smart and stylish. The frame is built with

    ultra-lightweight titanium and flexible carbon fibre crafted with absolute precision. The frame

    face features a unique wire undercarriage beneath the contoured rectangular lens. This creates

    a refined look perfect for professional environments. The temples include Unobtainium®

    earsocks and adjustable airfilled silicon nosepads for a comfortable and dependable fit. This is

    reinforced with Oakley’s Three-Point fit and precision titanium-cased spring hinges.


    The smooth lines of the Oakley Airdop™ frame speak to anyone who is looking for a casual yet

    smart look that can be worn anywhere. The dark crystal theme of Airdrop™ adds a striking flare

    amongst the subtlety of this clean, fashionable frame. The wire core temples of Airdrop™ are

    adjustable to suit your style and shape.



    Oakley sunglasses are constructed with the same innovation, resilience and comfort as the

    optical frames. Focusing on high performance, protection against sun exposure, and undeniable

    style, Oakley shades offer a level of excellence that is simply incomparable. Many models of

    Oakley sunglasses use Plutonite® Lenses which provide maximum clarity and ANSI standard

    impact resistance. Most Oakley sunglasses have interchangeable lenses allowing you to adjust

    your vision for different lighting conditions, including signature Polarized lenses with Mirrored

    Coating. High Definition Optics® showcases innovative lens technology that not only provides

    durable comfort, but provides the most precise vision, even in your peripherals. For full

    protection with your sunglasses Oakley employs 100% UVA, UVB and UVC defense and filters

    out harmful blue light. Oakley’s distinctive wraparound temples provide impeccable grip and

    comfort in even the most active conditions. Every pair of sunglasses Oakley builds is guaranteed

    to give you the strength and style to fulfil an active, energetic life without worry.


    Oakley’s prescription sunglasses are a slight departure from the signature design of Oakley

    shades, while maintaining their extraordinarily high quality, comfort and stylishness. The Oakley

    Square Wire prescription sunglasses, for instance, offer a more sophisticated look while still

    keeping with the focus on sporty and active environments. Oakley sunglasses are acclaimed for

    their bold, cutting edge designs. No matter what materials are used, what shape they are, or

    whether they’re prescription or non-prescription, every pair of sunglasses Oakley have

    designed is built with the same goal in mind: comfort, strength, style and innovation.


    Oakley sunglasses and optical frames are designed for all day comfort and shock absorption.

    The Oakley name symbolises perfection, modernity, and flair. If you’re looking for a pair of

    glasses or optical frames that fit seamlessly under absolutely any condition, while still looking

    great and completely optimizing your vision, Oakley is the absolute best there is. Eyewear

    Glasses is proud to offer a range of Oakley sunglasses and eyeglasses that will keep you moving

    in style.


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