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    Boss Orange BO0170


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    Boss Orange BO0180


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    Boss 0428-INX


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    $ 338 $ 439


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    Emporio Armani 1005


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    Emporio Armani 1006

    1103 M

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    Polo Ralph Lauren 2062


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    Emporio Armani 3003


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    PERSOL 3014v


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    Emporio Armani 3018


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    Emporio Armani 3019

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    Emporio Armani 3043 Black & Tortoise

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    PERSOL 3073 V


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    Persol 3085v


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    RayBan 5144


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    Dream Himax 5362


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    Dream Himax 6065

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    RayBan 6162 Brushed Steel 2576

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    RayBan 6162 Russet 2531


    $ 99
    Dream Himax 6166 is home to the very best selection for mens gaming glasses and mens computer glasses. Our range features a collection of top brands and innovative designs built to combat the pressures that the long hours we spend in front of the computer put on our vision.


    Digital eyestrain has become an increasingly important and pertinent issue in recent years. Our eyes are not built to stare at the artificial, high-energy blue light of computer screens as much as we now do, and this has caused a greater need for eyewear that is designed specifically to relax and defend your eyes from these harsh digital conditions. The mens gaming glasses we have on offer are the perfect solution to fighting these problems. It’s not just your eyes that are affected by artificial blue light; this is an issue that can cause strain on your back, your neck, your serotonin levels, circadian rhythms and your overall health. Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) has impacted almost 70% of adults in the United States alone. Among the most evident issues caused by CVS include headaches, dry eyes, blurred vision, and eyestrain. If you spend hours in front of a computer screen you’ve most likely experienced some of these symptoms. These should not be taken lightly. Mens computer glasses are the only way to spend long periods of time at a screen without causing damage to your vision and general health.




    When you use your computer, your eyes are often focused on an unfamiliar zone of vision. As opposed to distance vision, such as driving, or near vision, such as reading, your computer is generally placed about 20 to 26 inches from your eyes, in what is considered an intermediate zone. Our mens computer glasses are designed to specifically target this range, which cannot be accomplished with reading glasses or general eyewear.


    When trying to focus on intermediate zones without the use of special lenses, we can often find ourselves leaning in towards the computer – causing significant strain on the back and neck, particularly over long periods of time. Our mens computer glasses solve this issue, allowing you to relax your posture and maintain a strong focus on what’s on screen without putting pressure on your spine.




    Mens gaming eyewear is often built with a minor tint that is employed to perform color correction by increasing the contrast on the screen, reducing headaches. These lenses are designed to filter out the artificial blue light and other harsh light caused by LCD screens.


    Anti-Reflective (AR) coating is one of the main features commonly found in our men’s gaming glasses. This is designed to reduce glare, which is one of the major triggers for eyestrain. This coating is usually waterproof, scratch resistant and repels dust. We offer two customizable options for anti-reflective lenses with our gaming glasses; Green Reflect Blue Blocker or Blue Reflect Blue Blocker.




    Science proves you need blue blocker lenses to block harmful blue UV light while using a digital screen, just like you would need sunscreen to block UVA & UVB while outside in the sun. Blue Blocker lenses are brand new technology which protects your eyes by filtering harmful blue light rays that every digital screen gives off. This is good for gamers, developers, designers, and office employees whose job may require them to view a computer screen for long periods of time. Blue blocker technology reduces eye strain, dry eyes, blurred vision, headaches, increases contrast and overall is a much healthier option for your eyes. If you wear Blue Blocker lenses, you will greatly reduce your chances of developing Macular Degeneration; a common old age eye disease that leads to blindness.




    With Blue light lenses, you get the best of both worlds; our mens gaming glasses have the perfect blend of function and style.  Upgrade your look while improving the function of your current gaming eyewear when you shop at




    We offer two customizable options with our Mens gaming glasses; Zoom or No Zoom. Zoom provides a 10% magnification to make objects appear larger on your computer screen. Cross hairs and enemies are easier to click, text is more legible, and this can further reduce the strain on your eyes when you're farming minions in League of Legends or lining up a head shot in counter strike!




    •        61% of adults spend 5+ hours per day on digital devices
    •        60% of adults report symptoms of digital eye strain.
    •        26% of children use digital devices for 3+ hours per day. Children have an undeveloped shield against UV light emitted from digital screens or the sun. It’s extremely important we protect our children's eyes from this UV exposure as digital devices are increasingly becoming impossible to be without.


    For most of us, less usage of digital devices is impossible, making our blue blocker lenses in green reflect and blue reflect, a must have for those among us who spend considerable time viewing digital screens.


    Already wear glasses?  No problem– You can customize your mens computer glasses with your own eyeglass prescription.


    Mens computer glasses have a strong and durable build, but are still extremely light. They are remarkably comfortable, with a close fit that wraps persistently around the face to provide an optimal, reliable view.




    Our mens gaming glasses can be worn by anybody – not just those who require eyeglasses. Even if you feel like you have the strongest, healthiest vision, you can still undoubtedly benefit from our mens computer glasses. At the same time, mens gaming glasses can be customized and built with prescription lenses while using the same incredible technology designed specifically for this level of exposure.


    Our mens computer glasses aren’t just built for gamers, they can assist you and your vision through a number of tasks. They are often used by graphic designers, video editors, and IT workers, whose jobs require great attention to detail and often involve a lot of moving objects and a lot of color. Office workers who spend full days in front of their computers have found the use of gaming glasses extremely beneficial, and have found they are able to work much better once they eliminate the harm to their vision. What some people don’t realise is that our mens computer eyeglasses are not just helpful in digital environments; as a matter of fact they can be extremely useful for beach-goers and others who spend a lot of time outdoors, exposing themselves to harsh and damaging UV rays. The anti-reflective coating of mens gaming eyewear provides great defence allowing you to use them as sunglasses.




    Mens computer eyeglasses give you an undeniable advantage in gaming over players who don’t use them. They give you a much clearer view of what’s happening on screen, and allow you to view images larger so you can respond much quicker than your opponent. As our mens gaming eyewear reduces the strain on your eyes preventing headaches, your focus is strengthened giving you a distinct edge over your opponent. Mens gaming eyewear works to keep items and images in focus while providing the largest field of view. 


    Any avid gamer knows how easy it is to get lost in a game and end up playing for hours and hours, often without any break. Mens computer glasses allow you to play for long periods of time without experiencing any strain or discomfort. Their close fit creates an immersive feeling that puts you right in the zone of the game, enhancing the experience of any game no matter how long you’re playing for.




    Our selection of mens gaming glasses features models from many of the leading names in eyewear and fashion, including:


    -        Versace

    -        Ralph Lauren

    -        Ray Ban

    -        Swarovski

    -        Tom Ford

    -        Prada

    -        Jimmy Choo

    -        Kate Spade

    -        Emporio Armani

    -        Boss

    -        DKNY


    These are just some of the incredible names whose mens computer glasses we have available in our collection. You may find that while all computer glasses are beneficial for your health, oftentimes they don’t look as great as you’d want. That isn’t an issue you’ll face when browsing; our mens gaming glasses are built with functionality, versatility and stylishness. These are brands who represent perfection when it comes to fashion and eyewear, so you know when you choose from our selection of men’s gaming glasses you’re not just getting a pair that will optimise your vision and comfort, but also one that defines prestige and style.




    If you are someone who spends long periods of time in front of a screen you have most likely experienced signs of Computer Vision Syndrome. The fact is, sometimes there’s no escaping the screen, whether work or play, we often find that we simply can’t step away. Your eyes do not have to suffer because of this. Mens computer glasses remove the strain and damage that computer screens do to not only your eyes, but also to your health in general, allowing you to spend hours in front of a screen without worry. As digital eyestrain becomes an increasingly common issue, it’s important to take care of your eyes as much as you can – and mens gaming glasses are one of the few tried and tested solutions to this problem. Here at, we are proud to offer the most comprehensive online selection of mens computer eyeglasses from the world’s leading brands in fashion and eyewear, guaranteed to give you a comfortable and optimal optical experience every time you use the computer. 

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