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    Blue Blocker Technology

    Science proves, you need blue blocker lenses to block harmful blue UV light while using any digital screen, just like you would need sunscreen to block UVA & UVB while outside in the sun. Blue Blocker lenses are brand new technology that filters harmful blue light rays that every digital screen gives off.

    This is good for gamers, developers, designers, and anyone really who stairs at a computer screen for a long duration of time. Blue blocker technology reduces eye strain, dry eyes, blurred vision, headaches, increases contrast and overall is a much healthier option for your eyes.


    Zoom lenses

    A slight 10% magnification to make objects appear larger on your computer screen. Cross hairs and enemies are easier to click, especially farming minions in League of Legends or lining up a head shot in counter strike.


    Scientifically Correct Contrast

    After countless hours of trials, our team has finally mastered the contrast levels! We’ve built our gaming glasses with a minor yellow tint that is employed to perform color correction by increasing the contrast on the screen, reducing headaches. Our trials have shown, a slight yellow tint is more beneficial when combined with the new blue blocker technology.

    The Health Benefit

    If you wear Blue Blocker lenses, you will greatly reduce your chances of developing age-related macular degeneration; a common old age eye disease that leads to blindness.


    Blue blocker lenses are a much less noticeable yellow than the traditional ugly yellow gaming lenses other competitors make. In order to see the slight yellow tint on Blue Blocker gaming lenses, you would need to hold it up to a white piece of paper.

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