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    BB5000 Black Diamond

    208.78 325.70
    BB5000 Black Diamond BB50005116BLDM

    BB5000 Crystal

    208.78 325.70
    BB5000 Crystal BB50005116CRST

    BB5000 Smoked Topaz

    208.78 325.70
    BB5000 Smoked Topaz BB50005116STPZ

    BB5001 Amethyst

    178.75 278.85
    BB5001 Amethyst BB50015215AMTH

    BB5001 Jet

    178.75 278.85
    BB5001 Jet BB50015215JET

    BB5001 Smoked Topaz

    178.75 278.85
    BB5001 Smoked Topaz BB50015215STPZ

    BB5002 Amethyst

    205.92 321.24
    BB5002 Amethyst BB50025315AMTH

    BB5002 Jet

    205.92 321.24
    BB5002 Jet BB50025315JET

    BB5002 Tortoise

    205.92 321.24
    BB5002 Tortoise BB50025315TORT

    BB5003 Crystal Jet

    185.90 290.00
    BB5003 Crystal Jet BB50035216CJET

    BB5003 Crystal Topaz

    185.90 290.00
    BB5003 Crystal Topaz BB50035216CTPZ

    BB5003 Jet

    185.90 290.00
    BB5003 Jet BB50035216JET

    BB5003 Smoked Topaz

    185.90 290.00
    BB5003 Smoked Topaz BB50035216STPZ

    BB5004 Amethyst

    178.75 278.85
    BB5004 Amethyst BB50045316AMTH

    BB5004 Jet

    178.75 278.85
    BB5004 Jet BB50045316JET

    BB5004 Smoked Topaz

    178.75 278.85
    BB5004 Smoked Topaz BB50045316STPZ

    BB5005 Amethyst

    178.75 278.85
    BB5005 Amethyst BB50055115AMTH

    BB5005 Jet

    178.75 278.85
    BB5005 Jet BB50055115JET

    BB5005 Ruby

    178.75 278.85
    BB5005 Ruby BB50055115RUBY

    BB5005 Tortoise

    178.75 278.85
    BB5005 Tortoise BB50055115TORT

    BB5006 Amethyst

    193.05 301.16
    BB5006 Amethyst BB50065315AMTH

    BB5006 Jet

    193.05 301.16
    BB5006 Jet BB50065315JET

    BB5006 Tortoise

    193.05 301.16
    BB5006 Tortoise BB50065315TORT

    BB5007 Amethyst

    223.08 348.00
    BB5007 Amethyst BB50075216AMTH

    BB5007 Jet

    223.08 348.00
    BB5007 Jet BB50075216JET

    BB5007 Smoked Topaz

    223.08 348.00
    BB5007 Smoked Topaz BB50075216STPZ

    BB5008 Jet

    223.08 348.00
    BB5008 Jet BB50085217JET

    BB5008 Ruby

    223.08 348.00
    BB5008 Ruby BB50085217RUBY

    BB5008 Smoked Topaz

    223.08 348.00
    BB5008 Smoked Topaz BB50085217STPZ

    BB5009 Amethyst

    185.90 290.00
    BB5009 Amethyst BB50095317AMTH

    For the woman who knows what she wants. Shop Bebe shades in stunning colors and styles that are always sophisticated, never stuffy, featuring classic lines and contemporary detail. Consistently on-trend, yet invariably “you”, Bebe sunglasses are the perfect accessory for another beautiful day.

    Since the first Bebe store opened for business in San Francisco in 1976, this exceptional brand has continued to grow and gain international recognition as a uniquely bold, ultra modern and figure-flattering clothing line for every woman. From body-conscious boho-chic festival favourites to club and athletic apparel with edge, Bebe wear celebrates the power of the indomitable spirit. More recently, the perennially popular label has expanded to offer a captivating collection of sunglasses with Bebe signature fearless and fashion-forward attitude.

    As comfortable for streetwear as they are seaside, Bebe sunnies are no one-hit wonder. Versatile enough for all-season wear, these blithe beauties go beyond the beach and anywhere your day takes you.Choose from subtle cat-eye and sleek aviator styles in high quality acetate or metal frames, embellished with rhinestone or faux snakeskin detail. For indoor/outdoor use, we suggest that you customize your lenses with Transitions, which adapt to changes in available light and complement your new glasses in attractive green and gray shades.

    Bebe eyewear from may be purchased with the free added bonus of our exclusive coating trio intended to safeguard your lenses against glare and minor scratches. Shades by Bebe also provide a stylish defense against the sun’s harmful rays, offering 100% UV protection. 

    Available as prescription and non-prescription sunglasses, Bebe shades deliver knockout style at prices that won’t break the bank. When you buy Bebe sunglasses at, we ship free to any Canadian address, and single vision lenses are included at no additional charge with purchase of frames. With, you’ll love the way you look, for less.


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