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    Like so many other successful internet start-ups, was founded on a simple notion;  that we could provide people with superior service at a lower price point.  For years, the optical store industry has systematically raised the price of their goods and services, for no better reason than the fact that they had the market cornered, with no clear competition on the horizon. That very lack of competition is what led to a steady drop in product quality and customer service, and an increase in the cost of goods.

    Our innovative team's vision has been to not only correct the underlying problems with the optical industry, but to far exceed your expectations.  By leveraging our relationships with the manufacturing companies, and eliminating the inflation caused by the added cost of operating a retail storefront, we have effectively changed the way the eyewear industry operates.  Our friendly team is on stand-by, here to provide you with any additional insights you might require to make the right choice in eyewear for you, while our sales team has provided us with the means to offer you continuous and substantial flow through savings on all of our products.  Long story short: we have successfully developed an online business model which provides people with superior service at a lower price point.

    The internet connects us all, and has provided us with an opportunity to expand our service area far beyond the geographical limitations set by owning a "bricks and mortar" storefront.  As such, our customer pool runs far deeper than that of our storefront competitors', and it has been that expanded network which has allowed us to continue to provide our customers with a broader selection of glasses, at an honest and affordable rate.  Unlike our competitors, our business is not dictated by profit margins, but rather by the quantity of sales we produce.  Simply put, we can offer you the same frames and lenses that you might find at your local optometrist or optical store at a greatly reduced price because we sell a higher volume of products than they do.  This butterfly effect has seen our business grow month over month, and year over year as a result.

    When you shop at, you can expect to find an expansive collection of today's hottest eyewear brands at a reasonable price.  Have questions?  We're here to answer them.  Simply reach out to us by way of e-mail, online form or Live Chat– we'll be waiting when you do.